Do people still go to band websites? or is just bands checking their own shit out?
Maybe google searching themselves? You Tube Vidz
What happened to message boards? that was fun

I guess I do sometimes, maybe I should check my web history and see whats up


We are playing a few shows in the beginning of October

10/07/2014 - Philadelphia, PA - Kung Fu Necktie
10/08/2014 - New York, New York - Arlene's Grocery

-Louis (thats me, why am I talking 3rd person) Has been working hard (not that hard, basically I make a suggestion and CJ shoots it down) Producing the new Mike Dunn record out in Florida. Andy Simonds (The dude who played B3 on the first gas heart record & who did the nuptials for MR & MRS D on a rooftop in Manhattan) has been co producing it. I think its gonna sound pretty chill

-Louis (also me) went into the studio a bunch of months ago to bash out a few solo style jams, one of the songs ended up on a comp for Xtra Mile Recordings. Its a tune called "Love let me go" check it out right here, maybe its on Spotify, I don't fucking know


I think thats just about it
Adam & I went checked out the replacements the other night and it was incredible. We were supposed to meet Dave but he was on the LIRR for some reason but luckily Kirk had a hotel and for some reason Uber kept canceling my ride, at least Kristen didn't do shots & Jill had a brilliant idea about a reality show involving a moving company or something.

Stay chill
new music hasn't been written or recorded yet but at least we are playing shows


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